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What are Ticks? 

The Basics. Ticks are small, eight-legged bugs that are different than spiders but just as unsettling to the arachnophobe.  They fall into two different groups: hard and soft ticks. Hard ticks have a hard plate on their back called a scutum and visible mouths. Soft ticks lack a scutum and you can’t see their mouths from above.

What are you likely going to find within Humboldt and Del Norte County? The ticks you’ll have to worry about here are the American Dog Tick, the Brown Dog Tick, and the Western Blacklegged Tick. Like the name suggests, the Brown Dog Tick and American Dog Tick are usually found on dogs but they are not picky about their hosts. They can be found on mammals of all sizes including humans. 

The Western Blacklegged Tick is the one you have to worry about. These tiny bugs are the main way humans on the West Coast contract Lyme Disease. 

When Should I Be on the Lookout?

Ticks are most active during the Spring and Summer months. Once it starts getting warm, keep an eye out.  However, you should always keep an eye out in tall grass and heavily wooded areas where ticks are most commonly found. 

How Do I Tell if I Have Ticks?

Self-Examination. Ticks are everywhere. They’re most common in wooded areas with lots of low-lying brush. Thoroughly checking your arms, legs, and other exposed areas of skin is the best way to know if you picked up any ticks. Always make sure to check your clothing thoroughly when returning from these areas. 

How can I protect against Ticks?

Ideally, you don't want to have to deal with ticks at all. This requires proactive strategies for removing their habitat from your home and yard. Effectively preventing ticks from infesting your yard and home requires consistent monitoring. 

Do It Yourself (DIY) Yard Preventative Measures.

  • Removing dead leaves from your yard,
  • Clearing tall grasses and brush from your yard, 
  • and Creating a three foot barrier of wood chips or gravel between your yard and wooded areas are all simple ways to prevent ticks from entering your yard and home.

Pesticides. There are some natural methods for preventing tick bites, but there are few remedies, if any,  that can provide an effective treatment for removing ticks over long periods of time. If you opt for pesticides, make sure to check with your local health officials or certified pest inspectors on what types of pesticides to use and what the best way to use them are. Harsh chemicals and off-the-shelf pesticides can be dangerous for pets and children.

Tick Eggs. A single female tick can lay around 18,000 eggs in her lifetime. If you suspect that you've found eggs, it's important that you contact a pest inspector immediately. There are DIY solutions available. However, we have found it is very unlikely, without professional training and experience, that you'll be able to completely eradicate their presence. A complete inspection of your property by a trained and certified technician can save you a world of hurt.   

What if I find a Tick on me?

Tweezers. If you find a tick on you or your favorite furry friend, removing it as quickly as possible is key. Use a pair of tweezers to grab the tick and carefully pull up without twisting or jerking the tick which could only partially remove the tick. Once it’s gone, don’t crush the tick. Place it in a plastic bag and save it in case further inspection is required. Be aware of any rashes or unexplained fevers that may follow in the next few weeks. If this does happen, don’t panic. Go to a doctor immediately and tell them about the tick bite.  

Remember: The best treatment for ticks is not having to treat at all. Save yourself the trouble and take preventative measures before Ticks infest your home. 

When should I call Humboldt Termite & Pest Control?

A single tick on your clothing, if you suspect it came from a visit to the woods, isn't cause for alarm. However, if you are consistently finding ticks from your yard or any within your home, we recommend (for your sanity) that you call a pest inspector immediately. A free inspection can save you a world of trouble. 

A professional inspection can help you find the root cause of your pest problem quickly and efficiently, while also providing you various options for remedying the situation. Humboldt Termite & Pest technicians are trained, not only to help you resolve your current tick infestation, but provide you long-lasting and ongoing preventative treatments to help you keep peace of mind as the seasons change. 

What is our treatment?

Our technicians are trained to develop a customized treatment solution for your specific needs and problems. Our treatments follow these strategies:

  • Step 1: Identification of Tick Infestation - Our first step is always to find the source and provide you with options to tackle the problem.
  • Step 2: Eradication of Current Infestation - Remove the current ticks that have taken control of your life. 
  • Step 3: Ongoing protective barrier treatment - Protect your family, pets, and home, and enjoy peace of mind.

Remember: We offer a warranty on all of our services. If the pests come back, so do we - at no charge. We are confident that the service we provide will keep those ticks away. So rest easy, we're on the job.

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