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Summer Pest Tips

Ah, summer. It may be foggy in Humboldt, but that won't stop us from enjoying family barbecues and river days. And unfortunately more mosquitoes than you can count. And despite the mild climate, those might not be the only bugs you have to worry about. 

The more you hike through the beautiful redwood forests or travel to campgrounds, the more familiar you’ll be with ticks and gnats. Even in the comfort of your own home, summer brings an increased risk of ants, bed bugs, and other creepy crawlies. From mildly annoying to potentially life threatening, pest problems can be scary and quickly overtake your life. 

Don’t worry and rest easy. Here are some easy pest control tricks to keep you pest-free throughout the last days of summer.

Additionally, we provide solutions to larger wildlife pests such as skunks, possums, raccoons and squirrels, etc. These are done through humane trapping, removal and exclusion work that follows to a T all legal requirements. Give us a call today if you have any questions. 


Remember the Bug Spray

Even if it seems obvious, it's important to say: while some smells attract bugs, others can be useful in driving them away! Any time you wander outside, it’s wise to put on some bug spray. DEET is an effective ingredient for deterring insects and used in sprays like REPEL and Off! 

But that’s not the only choice out there. There are plenty of effective bug sprays to choose from. Picaridin is a less harsh compound derived from pepper plants. You don't have to worry about it irritating your skin unless you have a pepper allergy.

For a completely natural option, REPEL has a plant-based repellent made with lemon eucalyptus essential oils. It's a great alternative for every lifestyle. No matter what you use, protect yourself and your kids this summer! 

Eat Your Vegetables

One of the best parts of summer in Humboldt are the farmers' markets. Fresh fruits and vegetables add bursts of flavor to our daily lives. But if you're not careful, these treats can turn on you before you know it! 

Overripe fruits and veggies attract insects like ants and fruit flies.  Properly store fresh produce to increase shelf-life and keep bugs out of your kitchen. 

If you did happen to leave the peaches out overnight, it will be okay. Cleaning counters and storage spaces will work too!

Wear Plain, Light-Colored Clothes

Before you even step outside, think about what you’re wearing. Are you wearing a dark t-shirt from your favorite band? Or what about that cute, blue summer dress you wanted to wear to the beach? Hate to say it, but you may want to look through your closet again. 

Studies have shown mosquitoes prefer dark-colored surfaces like black and brown. And they tend to avoid colors like white and yellow. Research sponsored by Oregon State University shows that an assortment of bees love the color blue! 

What you wear says a lot about you. Don't tell the bugs you're an easy meal.

Don't Panic!

It's easier said than done when the ants have found their way inside, and you've got a tight schedule. But don't worry, we're here to help you. If you're in need of help, we offer FREE pest inspections to help you understand your problems, and tackle them quickly. 

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Bring Close-Toed Shoes

One of the best things about summer is walking around barefoot through the park, on the beach, or in your own backyard. But you must resist! Ticks are your main concern here. They can latch onto your skin as you walk past them. 

Wearing close-toed shoes and tucking your pants into your socks can save you from  a nasty bite, or worse – Lyme disease. Deer ticks in particular can carry the disease, which is extremely dangerous if left untreated. It may be hard, but do yourself and your loved ones a favor: wear your shoes when you go outside.

Clean the House and Yard

Maintaining your yard is a great step in protecting your family, children, and fur babies. Clear any bushes near your house. Stack firewood off the ground. Mow your lawn regularly. While you're at it, checking on the doors, windows, and for cracks in the foundation is a good idea, too. What may seem like no big deal to us can be VIP entry points to most pests.

Make sure there isn't any standing water or places for water to collect! A Northern California summer may not see much rain, but there are other water sources to watch out for. Fountains, bird baths, and still spots in the river all provide an ideal place for mosquitoes to breed. 


Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

Who needs to stay in Humboldt county for a good summer?

You could be driving along the California Coast or exploring the Pacific Northwest. Wherever you're traveling in the world, check the hotel rooms you stay in before settling in for the night. 

A quick visual inspection of the bed and furniture should cover you. But you have to remember: bedbugs can be anywhere in the room, even the electrical outlets. If you aren't sure about what to look for, you can check out the warning signs here

Vacations should be fun. Let's keep it that way.

Check Yourself and Your Pets

After a full day outside, make sure to check you, your pets, and everything else before coming back inside. It’s the easiest way to prevent any unwanted guests from coming into your home. Ticks can hide under clothes or fur while ants can disappear into the folds of jackets. When it comes to those you value most, it's better safe than sorry.

Have a Pest Inspection

It is important to remember that most of these tips are summer pest prevention measures. They aren't foolproof, and every pest is different. If you have any reason to believe bugs may already be inside your home, call us about doing a pest inspection! We can save you a lot of time and money. And if nothing else, we will give you peace of mind knowing that you're protecting your home and your family.

Aren’t sure if you have a lone bug in your kitchen or a full-blown infestation on your hands? Check out our Pest Learning Center to learn more about what to look out for!

There’s no reason for anyone to suffer through summer pests. These are the days to go out, have fun, and make memories with your loved ones. Why ruin it with mosquito bites and bee stings?



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