Proactive Preventative Pest Protection

We are thrilled to offer our community access to Proactive Preventative Pest Protection. We lovingly call it our Quad-P service.

What is Quad-P?

Very simply put, Quad-P is a service designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Pests are... well... annoying at best and usually not welcome in our homes or businesses. Because of this, we are proud to offer a service designed to make sure you can live pest-free as well as worry-free. 

In Brief:

Quad-P - Proactive Preventative Pest Protection allows your home or business to receive regularly scheduled inspections from our professional technicians to make sure that 1) pests are not present, 2) that pests do not gain access and 3) that we provide you with up-to-date warnings about any developing issues we may uncover during regularly scheduled pest inspections and treatments. Quad-P service is great for people seeking long-term stress-free solutions to protect their home, business and family.

If this sounds like something that you'd like, please simply give us a call at (707) 822-8644 or leave us a note online, and we'll follow up with you as quick as we can.

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Additional Details for the Interested

Is Proactive Preventative Pest Protection right for me?

Great question! It would be easy for a pest control business to say, "Of course! If you've got a home, you need it!" But the reality of it is that there are simply situations when it may not be the best case. To decide what's best for you, here's a little list of what our Quad-P service offers.

Leave it to the Professional Technicians. We're the first to say there are some great DIY pest control strategies available and even share a great deal of them on our own Pest Learning Center. However, the simple reality is that not all pests are as easy to treat owing to various factors, and not all DIY solutions can provide the peace of mind you may need and deserve because they won't be as effective or fast acting as the work of a skilled professional. Furthermore, by making use of our team at Humboldt Termite & Pest Control, you'll be gaining access to our service warranty, which further ensures that those pests won't come back once we've provided a treatment. 

A regular professional pest service can provide the following benefits:

  • Save You Time - in DIY research, trial and error attempts and execution. Remember, time is money, so if you're having to spend your time researching the best method for termite treatment, it may end up being significantly more expensive then contacting a professional who can bring in their existing knowledge as well as an entire companies - in the case of Humboldt Termite & Pest, that means over 25 years. It's safe to say we know a few things about what we do.
  • Save You Money - DIY solutions can often seem cheaper. But over the long run and if they prove not to be as effective it can actually start ringing up a rather larger bill. Additionally, if you are having to do some extreme pest removal, this can potentially back-fire (which we've seen numerous times) leaving you with an even bigger mess to clean up.
  • Spot Issues Quicker - DIY solutions are reactionary. What this means is that you often have to wait to see the ants invade your kitchen or the termites each through your walls before you can act. By bringing in a professional technician regularly, we can help you spot issues before they develop, leaving your home and investment safe.
  • Family & Home Safety - DIY solutions are great, and honestly we often recommend many depending on the pest. But any time there are chemicals involved, we warn and provide a blunt caution to all in our community. In comparison to potentially harmful chemicals for your home and family, our products often can provide greater effectiveness, quicker response times and are applied in a manner safe for your whole family - including your fur babies. When it comes to the products we utilize, it's important to note our methods are typically safer than traditional over-the-counter materials. Also, the way that professional technicians apply the product to a home or business follows all legal requirements for application to minimize dangerous errors. Whenever you make use of over-the-counter pest control chemicals, it's crucially important that you follow all safety instructions. 

If you reviewed the list above and it sounds good to you, then our Quad-P service might just be right for you. 

What does "Regular Pest Service" mean?

Another great question! Regular pest service through our Quad-P service typically looks like a once-a-month visit to your home or business. If you live in an area that is prone to be overrun with pests (typically heavily forested locations) or you have a large home/business it may be that what you need is an even more regular visit, which we would be happy to discuss in person.

So... you show up once a month... what do you "ACTUALLY" do?

It's great that you ask this, because we often hear about other businesses doing a poor job of letting you know what you're actually going to receive. So here's what we do with each and every visit.

  •  1) Inspect/Investigate* - Like Sherlock Holmes, each time we arrive at your home or business for a regular pest service we will be looking for signs, checking hot spots and reviewing weak points where pests may come through. This can include a full perimeter and interior inspection.
  •  2) Protect - After we've run an inspection we'll then provide a perimeter treatment to your home or business specific to the needs of your particular pest problem.
  •  3) Secure and Restore - We will further work to secure your investment by making sure to keep pests out through sealing up gaps and securing cracks that may be on your home or business. Furthermore, we will work to restore your home or business against any damage that may have been caused.
  • 4) Monitor - We will further review the interior of your home or business, installing pest monitors when required to ensure that your investment is safe from future intrusion. For commercial clients, interior inspections are provided with each visit. Residential clients may also receive this benefit if requested. 
  • 5) Report and Document - Each visit concludes with documentation of findings and any service rendered during our appointment. These are designed to help provide transparency into the work you've requested, so you know where you money is going. Furthermore, if there is a weakness uncovered or a pest invasion underway we will report back to you so you know what to expect and what options are available to you.
  • For our residential customers, we keep everything nice and simple within a simple blue service receipt. For our commercial clients, we provide detailed documentation for record keeping. These often include sanitation reporting (covering major pest harborage areas, structural deficiencies and pest activity) as well as blue service tickets (which cover in details "what your service was"). Anytime that we deal with a wood destroying organism (termites, beetles, rot) these require strict legal documentation which will be provided accordingly and in the correct order - termite reporting, then inspection, then treatment. 
  •  6) Priority Contact and Info - If you're invested in our Quad-P service, then you gain priority access for immediate service should the need arise. Additionally, we will be providing you information, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest seasonal pests and know what to look out for to keep your family safe.

*A quick note about inspections: Certain pests can be incredibly difficult with even regular inspections to catch before they've gained entry into a home. While we do our best to provide thorough and complete inspections, pests like termites can be incredibly elusive. Because they can gain access through walls and live within them, they can hide even to the trained professional until they emerge. For these pests, we provide an annual inspection for termites which is a significantly more comprehensive inspection than is typically required for regular appointments. This way we can keep the costs down for our Quad-P service and make it affordable to our community while also helping to ensure that we can catch the termites quicker.

The list above is what we do, each and every time, so that you don't have to. 


What is actually covered in a Quad-P service?

Keep the questions coming! A Quad-P service typically covers a specific pest group. This simply because each and every pest is so different. The way that we treat termites is significantly different than the way we treat ants. Here's a general breakdown though:

  • General Pests - These are things like ants, spiders, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, wasps and flies. These pests fall into what we call our "General Pest" category, and we can work to proactively prevent them from accessing your home with very similar strategies. 
  • Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) - These particular pests are a bit more demanding simply because of the scale of damage that they can inflict upon a home or business if they gain access. Our Quad-P service can be employed to prevent these pests entering into your home or if they do we can help stop them before the cause significant damage. The goal with this service is to save you significant amounts of time and money in the long-run. Specifically, our WDO Quad-P service is designed to combat subterranean termites. Other WDO's like fungus, beetles and even other forms of termites simply do not provide visible warning signs that we capable of being caught within basic inspections. Please call (707) 822-8644 for more details or questions. 
  • Rodents - These are pests that are particularly annoying perhaps simply due to their size. They include rats, mice, etc. These types of pests are treated a little differently than general pests or wood destroying organisms and often rely more heavily on monitoring systems that we can install for your protection. For rodents, we provide regular servicing to bait stations and equipment deployed to combat their presence within your home. During initial screenings, we will also review any damage these pests may have caused to gain entry into your home. 

If you're making use of our Quad-P service and we show up to treat a regular ant problem but discover termites, we will be the first to let you know. However, before diving into treating another category of pest, we will be including you in the conversation.

What your Quad-P service cost?

We are glad you asked because there are two different ways our Quad-P service typically operates:

  • Monthly Visits - This service allows for you to cancel at any time, no penalty, no strings attached. If you're just getting started we recommend starting off with simple monthly visits - this allows you to get to know our team, our service, and understand the value and peace of mind that we will bring to your life.
  • Yearly Agreements - This service allows us to provide a discounted rate for our regular visits and helps ensure that our team of professional technicians can stay busy providing a service to our local community. Yearly agreements are as straight forward as they sound. It's simply an agreement to allow our team to service your home or business for a period of time. Yearly agreement customers gain priority access to regular scheduling, allowing us to work more closely around your schedule if access to your home or property for a service requires your presence. However, we are upfront about the fact that canceling a yearly agreement does incur a small fee. This allows us to make sure our team can property prioritize yearly agreement customers. Please call (707) 822-8644 for details. 
  • Yearly agreement extras benefits - We want to make sure that our community members who place their trust in our business are rewarded we provide additional benefits for them. Included in our yearly agreement are a free flea treatment and free wasp removal annually. Simply give our team a call if you would like to request a service, and we'll be there to help out. 
The Actual Costs:

Getting started, we begin with an initial service (a one-time upfront free) that allows us to gather information regarding the property and the potential problems we may encounter as well as the pests we may be dealing with. Once this initial service inspection has been tackled, we move to schedule regular monthly visitors for proactive preventative pest protection 

Each month there will be a small invoice sent over from our team for the regular inspection and treatment of your property. This monthly invoice does not change unless requested work for a visit is greater than what is included with our regular appointments. You will always be notified in advance about an increased cost. 

For a list of prices, please feel free to call us directly at (707) 822-8644.

The Fine Print:

Costs are dictated by a lot of variables, and we want to make sure that you are aware of how these costs can be accrued otherwise it will catch you off guard. These costs variables are similar to all of our competitors, so if they haven't provided a fine-print readout, make sure you ask for one upfront before signing anything.

Costs for our Quad-P service and be influenced by the following variables:

  • Size and Perimeter - Simply put, large homes with lots of acreage take more time and more product to protect. A 1000 square foot home on a 1/2 acre is significantly easier to protect than a 4,500 square foot home of six acres. 
  • Scale of Pest Problem - If you're living in the city, your pest problem can be significantly different than if you're living near or in a heavily forested area. 
  • Type of Pest Problem - General pests are relatively straight forward and can typically be tackled with a single technician. However, wood destroying organisms can often require a small team of professionals to ensure that the pest is properly removed. 

So how will I know what my bill actually will be?

At the start of every service appointment, we will conduct a quick visual inspection. If the service appointment inspection finds no additional problems, then the cost will remain straight forward for the inspection and use of regular product. However, as noted above, no costs will be incurred above our regular treatment cost without first notifying you that there is a pest problem above and beyond what is included as standard. 

If a more comprehensive protection or securing process is required we will provide an invoice update prior to diving into the work. This way you can know what you are expecting to be billed in addition to knowing exactly what our team is going to be tackling for you.

Do you provide a Quad-P Warranty?

Yes! Just like our regular services, our general rule of thumb is that if the pests come back, so do we. There are of course a few exceptions to every rule, but you can read more about that on our warranty page. 

Or please feel free to contact us today, and we would be happy to provide answers to clarify your questions.

How do I get started?

Thankfully, this is super easy. All you need to do is call us at (707) 822-8644.

Or feel free to drop us a line on our online contact.

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If you're feeling especially festive, you can feel free to swing by our physical location in Arcata @ 5440 Ericson Way Arcata, CA 95521. 

Once you've gotten in contact, we will reach out and figure out the best way to ensure that you have the peace of mind you deserve. 

Last Note: We always recommend to any first-time customers or even people that are switching over to us from a competitor to try out our Quad-P service monthly. Get to know who we are and what we offer before getting into a yearly agreement. We, of course, won't say no if you're ready to go, but we want to make sure that you can trust and rely on our team to provide you the highest professional grade service in Humboldt or Del-Norte County.

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