You may think of squirrels as a problem in big cities or other parts of the country. Or maybe you think of the cute ground squirrels scuttering across the forest floor as you hike. Regardless, these critters come in all shapes and sizes and are found across the United States. They are rodents, but the most common ones you see climb trees and race across branches as they leap from branch to branch.

Which ones are local to Humboldt & Del Norte County?

Gray Squirrel (Western and Eastern) – This is the stereotypical squirrel. While the western gray squirrel is native to the west coast, the eastern gray squirrel has been introduced in California and is flourishing. Adults are anywhere from 9-12 inches in length, weighing no more than a pound or two. The primary difference between the two is the western gray squirrel is slightly bigger, in mass and in ears and tail lengths.

California Ground Squirrel – This is the cute little rodent running around the woods in northern California. As the same suggests, these guys tend to stay on the ground, preferring to make their homes in burrows instead of trees. They are slightly smaller and less fluffy than their gray squirrel counterparts, but they do a good job finding seeds and plants to nibble on.

When Should I Worry about Them?

Squirrels can be a nuisance year-round though most species of squirrels hibernate in the winter. So be on the lookout for squirrels in the fall when they’re looking for a place to spend the winter and in the spring when it’s breeding season. They can turn into a big problem quickly.

How Do I Know if I Have an Infestation?

With squirrels, they share many of the same signs as with other rodents like rats and mice.

Scurrying in the Walls or Attic – It is never a good sign to hear something scurrying in your walls. It almost always is some sort of rodent, but whether its mice, rats, or squirrels is difficult to determine without professional experience.

Chewed Wires or Insulation – Both tree and ground squirrels are rodents and have strong jaws. They will chew through almost anything to grind their teeth and see if it’s something they can eat. While we both know that your insulation isn’t food, squirrels are a little slower on the uptake.

Smell – Most species of squirrels live in small colonies and tight spaces. Things get nasty fast. So, if you notice an absolutely awful smell coming from somewhere in your home, and it’s not the garbage, you may have some new and rather unwanted tenants.

More Squirrels Outside – If it’s spring, and it just seems like there are more and more squirrels in the yard every day, then there’s a chance that one built a nest in your home and the young’uns are coming out into the open. Or maybe you just have a really nice birdfeeder.

How Can I Prevent This?

Squirrels are nightmares if they get into your home because of the damage they cause if left unchecked. Preventing an infestation should always be your primary goal.

Removing possible food sources like bird feeders is one of the most effective ways to discourage them from moving in. Likewise, trimming tree branches several feet away from your home can reduce the chances of squirrels leaping from a tree to your roof and finding an unknown hole to enter in.

Lastly, just making sure that there are no entry points into your home will go a long way in preventing squirrels from entering. With that being said, you must be vigilant. Ground squirrels are great about finding holes or enlarging cracks to find away inside. And tree squirrels often enter through holes on roofs or eaves that are not easily seen from a quick walk around your home.

Can I Treat This Myself?

It is not recommended. While you can trap and relocate a single squirrel pretty easily, some squirrel species live in colonies, so there’s not just one you have to worry about. And the longer the infestation is left unchecked, the bigger the problem can get.

Also, as with most rodents and other wildlife, squirrels carry a host of nasty diseases like ringworm, typhus and even the plague! Not to mention they carry fleas and ticks that come with their own special flavor of bacteria and parasites that can make your life a living nightmare.

When Do I Need to Call Someone?

As soon as you suspect a squirrel infestation, please call a pest control company like us immediately. The longer an infestation grows, the worse it gets and the greater the threat it poses to you and your loved ones. And if you still aren’t sure, call us for a pest inspection! Our team is experienced in noticing warning signs that you may have overlooked!

How Can We Help

At Humboldt Pest, we will provide you with a variety of solutions to effectively treat and remove any squirrels with minimal interruption into your life. Our team has knowledge and experience to ensure you are protected. Here’s what we do.

Step 1: Identification – Our technicians will look over your home with an experienced eye, finding the infestation and all of points of entry. We’ll provide solutions & treatment options guaranteed to be effective.

Step 2: Treatment – Once the squirrels have been located, we will work tirelessly and efficiently to remove all of the pesky rodents from your home. We’ll make sure you can enjoy your home again without losing a good night’s sleep.

Step 3: Ongoing Prevention – Our team will work with you to seal up all entry points and understand how the infestation began. From there, we create a plan to prevent any and all future squirrels from entering you home.

There’s no reason you should let squirrels or any other pest keep you up at night. Your home is a refuge. Your business is a livelihood. If you have any concerns, give us a call immediately. Our team at Humboldt Termite & Pest is committed to providing the best service we can.

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