What are spiders?    

Other than creepy? Spiders are arachnids, meaning they have eight legs instead of six. But honestly, it doesn’t make too much difference when you see something crawling toward you in the shower. In general, they keep to themselves and take care of other insects that might be in or around your home. 

What type of spiders will you find nearby?

While there are several unique species of spiders in California, the one that you really have to worry about is the Western Black Widow. Their bite is dangerous, so if you suspect you’ve been bitten by one, seek medical treatment immediately. 

That noted, it's important to keep your eyes out for even non-poisonous spider bites as they can become infected which will require immediate medical treatment.

The follow species are common within California:

  • Black Widow - Plump, black, dangerous and poisonous
  • Cellar Spiders -Tall and Brown
  • Brown Recluse - Dangerous, poisonous and violin shaped markings
  • American House Spider - Little creepy spiders
  • Grass Spider - Fast little spiders found in the grass outside. 
  • Garden Spider - Fast little spiders mostly found outside, they are known for beautiful webs.  

When are you likely to find them?

Spiders, and the black widow in particular, are prevalent year-round, but they often reproduce in the spring and early summer. A mature female can lay four to nine egg sacs during this time with each sac containing up to 750 eggs. While only a dozen may survive the first month (spiderlings are cannibalistic), that is still too many spiders, particularly in your house. 

Note: Brown Recluse & Black Widow spiders, which are considered very poisonous and therefore dangerous, are most likely to be found in warmer climates. We've personally seen them scurrying around Willow Creek and Hoopa area.

Spiders will also follow food, meaning that during the winter and colder days as other pests find their way into your home, so will spiders.

Signs You've Got Spiders Nearby.

  • Webs. It may seem obvious, but having an abundance of webs, empty or occupied, is a good sign that you have a new tenant. Check in corners or other dark places on your home for webs. Anywhere there’s food, there’s bound to be a spider waiting. 
  • Egg Sacs. Sometimes they’re fuzzy. Sometimes they’re not. But if you find a small white bundle hiding in the crannies of your home, it’s probably a spider egg sac. Spiders do lay them in their webs, but some species don’t. Discovering a lot of spider egg sacs is a sign that there maybe an infestation of spiders. If you discover a lot of spider eggs please call a pest inspector, as spiders will follow food (other bugs), meaning there maybe other issues that need to be resolved. 
  • Spider Poop - If there is a heavy infestation of spiders, you will often find little black specks scattered about which are essentially spider poop. 


How Can I Keep Spiders Away?


  • Cleaning Regularly. The best way to prevent spiders from taking up residence in your home is to vacuum and clean regularly. Use a broom to clean hard to reach places and do your best to remove noticeable webs. 
  • Remove Shelter Spaces. Piles of firewood, garden bags, and general clutter around your home or business can make comfy locations for spiders to nest. Do your best to keep these spaces clean. It's also important to note that shrubs surrounding your home or business can provide great locations for spiders to nest. 
  • Deter Other Pests. Spiders will follow food. If your home is susceptible to invasion from other pests like ants, then you'll likely find yourself with a spider problem. Therefore, best to consider the ant prevention measures (such as closing gaps within your home) as part of your spider prevention strategy.
  • Insecticides. There are over the counter insecticides available that can often provide do-it-yourself treatment options. With any insecticide, pesticide or chemical solutions (whether concentrate or Aerosol) we recommend extreme caution as these treatments can be dangerous for pets, small children and even adults if contacted or sustained exposure over a long period of time. Prior to treating an area with insecticide or poison solution we recommend a free inspection by our trained professionals who can help you find the right area for maximum effectiveness and provide your family alternative products that are safe to use. 

When should I call Humboldt Termite & Pest Control?

If you suspect an infestation, or are finding more than the occasional house guest, it could be indicative of a bigger problem stemming from other unwanted pests within your home or business. Spiders will typically follow the food supply (such as other pests) which might mean that there are other problems in your home that need to be addressed. 

Finding lots of spider eggs is also a sign that there is likely a serious problem and we would highly recommend calling a pest inspector into help discover the root cause. Spider eggs can contain hundreds of spiders, so finding them around your property is a sign that you may need some professional help. 

Our treatment strategy:

  • Step 1: Identification of Spider problem - Spiders can be indicative of other problems surrounding your home or business. Simply removing the spiders that are visible won't solve your problem. Our trained technicians can help you find the real underlying problem to your spider infestation giving you the peace of mind you need.

  • Step 2: Treatment & Extermination - The products that Humboldt Termite & Pest's team use in the treatment process of a spider infestation are of the highest quality, meeting strict safety standards and regulations designed to protect your family and furry friends. We'll remove your spider infestation quickly and keep your household secure. 

  • Step 3: Ongoing Protection - Keep your home or business spider free with proactive protection from Humboldt Termite & Pest. Regularly scheduled inspections and treatment can keep your home spider free. Rest easy knowing our trained professionals are working to keep those spiders far away.

Warranty: As a reminder, we offer a warranty on all of our services. If the pests come back, so do we at no charge. We are confident in the services we provide. Rest easy, we're on the job.

Peace of mind you deserve.

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